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The Average Jane's Mini Giveaway!

There have been so many blessings that have been coming that the only way I could think of to reciprocate all these positive vibes is to return the love back to everyone.  So I'll be hosting a small, mini giveaway of sorts as a thank you to each and everyone of you!

Here's a sneak peek...

Drumroll please...

Tadaaa!!!  I'll be giving away this cute PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES earphones!!!

Yes, that crazy, addicting game has now come out with their own line of merchandise, this being one of them, and when I saw it, I just knew this would be the perfect prize for my mini giveaway!

This pack contains the earphones plus 3 extra earphone buds (in blue, white and yellow colors), all following the game theme. 

Here's a close-up!

So cute!!!  =D

Rules are simple.  Just follow any of these steps to obtain entries.  The more steps you accomplish, the more valid entries you obtain. =)

1. Follow The Average Jane on Google Friend Connect.  Just click on the link on the side of my blog. (+1 point)

2. Like The Average Jane on Facebook(+1 point)

3. Follow The Average Jane on Twitter(+1 point)

4. Follow The Average Jane on NetworkedBlogs.  Link also located on the side of my blog. (+1 point)

5. Post about my mini giveaway in your blog. (+5 points)


After accomplishing the steps, please leave me a comment in this post.  Kindly include:

1. your full name;
2. email address;
3. GFC/Twitter/FB usernames; and
4. blog post link.

Contest runs starting now, September 10, 2011 to September 30, 2011, midnight!  Winner will be announced in my blog, FB and Twitter accounts; and will be contacted by e-mail a week after the raffle ends.

Open to all my followers who have a valid Philippine mailing address.  As always, I will be shipping the prize to the winner.  =)

Just a little token of appreciation for all the love and support.  Sali na! =)


  1. Gessa Marie C
    @kenge19 (twitter)
    Gessa Marie Bartolaba Condino (fb)
    gessa marie (gfc)

  2. Just joined!

    Full name: Aida Villanueva
    Email: slither_keen1004(at)yahoo(dot)com
    GFC Username: aida
    Twitter Username: @slither1004
    FB usernames: slither1004 (

    Blog Post:

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! So cute! :)

  3. COngratulations on your giveaway sis! Ima join. hehe. When I get back.

  4. Full name: Crystal Lagman
    GFC: Crystal Cruz
    twitter username: crystahal

  5. 1. full name: Leizle Demaisip
    2. email address:
    3. GFC Name: Leizle
    Twitter Name: @iamleizle4ever
    FB usernames: Leizle Demaisip
    4. blog post link:

  6. Full name: Rachel Anne Del Rosario
    GFC: leng
    twitter username: @bercheroja
    FB username: Chel Legaspi Del Rosario
    email: rachelannedelrosario10(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. full name: michelle solee
    email address:
    GFC: michi solee
    Twitter: michisolee
    FB: michi solee

    btw, i'm tagging you in this post
    My 7 Links Project

  8. 1. full name: Ma. Elinor Semira
    2. email address: elinorsemira0124[at]gmail[dot]com
    3. GFC: Elinor Semira
    Twitter: @mhoie1325
    FB: Elinor Semira
    4. blog post link:

  9. Jerry Culala
    GFC: Jerry Culala
    Twitter: @jerry_culala
    FB: Kuya Jers

  10. Hi, just wanna drop by and say that is one really cute pair of earphones!!! Hahaha. Congratulations on your giveaway! :)

  11. 1. your full name: Benn Adrian A. Ilaw
    2. email address:
    3. GFC - benn adrian
    Twitter - bennwithDoubleN
    FB usernames - Benn Adrian Ilaw
    4. blog post link:

  12. joining sis! :)

    1. followed thru google connect: kath
    2. liked facebook page: kathryn clamor
    3. followed tru twitter: iam_kbc

    kathryn clamor

  13. will be joining sis .. i'll be back to post my entries ^.^

  14. 1. your full name - Dorry Lyn Tan
    2. email address -
    3. GFC - mamaholic_dory
    Twitter - dickvincedor
    FB username - Dorry Lyn
    4. blog post link -

    thanks for the giveaway. hoping here to be the lucky winner^.^

    Dorry Lyn Tan

  15. so cute giveaway...I'm joining =)

    Michelle Ame
    GFC - LadyMishel
    Twitter - @michelleame
    FB username- Michelle Oraña-Ame

  16. 1. Lucy S. Gabriel
    3. FB -Lucy Gabriel
    4. blog post link:

  17. Name: Aine Garcia
    Email: luckyaine(at)gmail(dot)com
    GFC: aine
    Twitter: luvndprizeoflyf
    FB usernames: Aine Garcia
    Blog post:

  18. Name: Ma. Christine San Diego
    E-mail address:

    - followed you on GFC, NetworkedBlogs, and Twitter
    - liked your Facebook page

    GFC: Chsands
    Twitter: @chitinhey
    FB: Chitin Diego

  19. did 1,3 and 5! :)

    Name: Bee
    GFC: Bee
    Twitter: beerooneeka
    Blog post:

  20. 1. your full name: Janus Paul Dela Cruz
    2. email address:
    3. GFC/Twitter/FB usernames:,,

  21. Full name: Raymond T. Cubeta
    Email address:
    GFC: raymondtcubeta

  22. Name: Pierre Angeli Suravilla
    GFC: Girl_behindpink
    Twitter: piansuravilla

  23. 1. full name: Excellany C. Torrefiel
    2. email
    3. GFC: Excellany
    FB: Excellany Candel Torrefiel
    4. blog post link:

  24. Name: Aileen Acot
    E-mail address:
    - followed you on GFC, NetworkedBlogs, and Twitter
    - liked your Facebook page

    GFC: Aileen Acot
    Twitter: @bhebhe_lacson
    FB: Aileen Acot

  25. Hope I win!

    3. GFC Name: MALOU
    Twitter Name: kikayprincess02
    FB usernames: MALOU ESPANOL
    4. blog post link:

  26. Kristine Buenavenbtura
    Kristine Buenaventura gfc and networked
    kirsten_avery21 twitter

  27. Hello,

    I have received your email, dear. Here's my post about your giveaway -

    Goodluck to all participants!

  28. 1. your full name; Maly Naine Manligas
    2. email address;
    3. GFC/Twitter/FB usernames; maly(gfc)/malynaine(twitter)/Maly Naine(fb)

  29. Name: Maryjade Anne A. Manzanero
    GFC: maryjadeanne
    Twitter: maryjadeanne
    FB: maryjadeanne
    Blog post link:

  30. 1. your full name-Maria Erliza Tandoc
    2. email address-
    3. GFC/Twitter/FB usernames; etandoc
    4. blog post link.

    salamat poh!!!

  31. Name: Ramin Viloria
    Email: r_mviloria(at)yahoo(dot)com
    GFC: Min Viloria
    Twitter : renaeh28
    FB: Min Viloria

  32. Joining po :-)

    1. Divine Caraecle
    3. GFC: Divine Reyes(Divine Caraecle)
    4. Twitter: @divinereyes
    5. FB: Divine Divah
    6. Blogspot-

  33. Hi! I'm joining.. :)

    1. your full name; Agnes Dela Cruz
    2. email address; magnet972@yahoo(dot)com
    3. GFC/Twitter/FB usernames; Agnes DC/ Agnes Dc/ @magz_dc
    4. blog post link:

  34. NAME: Nicolette Anne Yambao
    EMAIL: aioi_888[at]yahoo[dot]com
    TWITTER: @chervaderrr
    FACEBOOK: Nicolette Anne Yambao

  35. Joined!

    Name: Arlyn Heidi Basada
    Email: ahbasada@gmail(dot)com
    Facebook: arlynheidi
    Twitter: arlynheidi
    GFC: arlyn heidi basada


    Facebook:Peter James Escobar

  37. Arianna Angeline Rodriguez
    Wonder Woman/the_lil_miss/Angeline Rodriguez

  38. Hi! Here are my entries:

    1. Gwynnyth G. del Carmen
    2. gwendelcarmen at gmail dot com
    3. GFC: Gwen del Carmen
    Twitter: ijssel08
    FB: Gwen Gonzales del Carmen


  39. Belle B.
    candycoatedpaw at gmail dot com

    GFC - Belle
    twitter- candycoatedpaw
    FB - Candycoated Paw

  40. Paulyn Dela Cruz
    GFC name: littlemisspoleng
    Twitter username: @MariePaulyn
    FB username:


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