Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CONTEST: The HUGE Multiply Blog Design Giveaway!

For those who aren't as IT-savvy as the rest, blog contests that give out custom blog designs are heaven sent.  Who wouldn't want their own unique blog layout, right?

With that in mind, why not join April Showers Blog Design's the HUGE Blog Design Contest Giveaway!


Up for grabs are:

$75 Package from A Mommy's Sweet Blog Design
$135 Package from Ritzy Design Studio
$35 Pre-Made Template by Miss Evil Kitty
$65 Blog Design Package by Deluxe Designs
$70 (Blogger) or $150 (Wordpress) Package from Bloggy Blog Designs
$30 Pre-Made Template from Adori Graphics
$50 Package from Zany Dezines
$65 Package from Eight Days Designs
$125 Package from Grey Bloom Designs

Join now!  Click here for more details.

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