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Savoury Delicacies at Classic Savory

My early childhood birthdays were always filled with chicken.  Fried, battered, roasted; you name it, we've most probably had it.  It may be because although most kids are picky eaters, rarely would you find them turn away anything fowl from their plates.  And to our weary parents, anything to get their child to eat is tops in their book, right?  J

But my childhood was filled, not only with langhap sarap Jollibee chickenjoy, it was also loaded with Classic Savory friend chickens.  Since we lived in such close proximity to their Pasay branch then, it was no wonder that this became a family staple during important occasions

Classic Savory, however, slowly stepped out of the spotlight, for reasons I would never know and much to the dismay of our clan.  And for years, they've kept a very low profile.  But I'm very happy to note, that they're now making their presence felt again!  J

Classic Savory

But first things first.  Before I move on to my review, a few cautionary tips.

I'm quite sure you've noticed their kiosks at some of the food court areas in select malls.  A word of advice -- when attempting to try Classic Savory for the first time, DO NOT (and I can not stress this enough) opt to try it there.

I find the quality of their food at their food court kioks severely lacking in the same quality I so love when eating at their proper restaurants.  The chicken is usually very dry (maybe because there have to cook it in advance; I don't know.)  Same goes for their pancit and most of their other offerings.

Another important tip.  I find ordering their combo meals less satisfying as when ordering their dishes ala carte.  Sure it saves on money and it's very practical when you're dining alone, but personally, I find their combo meals also below par.  L

Now on to the positive review...  J

Nido soup (Php195)

Start your meal with one of their hot, filling soups.  We love their Nido soup with quail eggs.

Nido soup with quail egg (Php195)

Chicken broth mixed with mock bird's nest and quail eggs.  A perfect way to start your meal.  J

Savory chicken (Php345)

And of course, you should never miss ordering their signature dish -- Savory chicken!  Unlike the others, theirs is prepared very simply, with not much added embelishments.  In fact, the chicken skin is very thin.  It's very moist and the gravy is something else.  If you ask me, it's what makes it so special in the first place.

Savory chicken (Php345)

Salt and pepper spareribs (Php195)

Oh yes!  We ordered this one again since my dad is a huge fan of anything bad for his heart.  Go figure!  I must admit though, this dish is quite tasty.

Salt and pepper spareribs (Php195)

Patatim special (Php450 for a whole order; Php285 for half)

A new addition to their menu.  Their Patatim special is so tender the meat falls right off the bone.  Sarap!

Patatim special (Php450 for a whole order; Php285 for half)

Long life pancit canton (Php195)

Another one of our family's favorites.  It may, however, be a matter of preference since Classic Savory's version is a tad sweeter than the rest, quite different from the one most Filipinos are used to.

Long life pancit canton (Php195)

Trust me though, it's delicious, albeit drowned in a lot of sauce.  J

Yang chow fried rice (Php175)

And what Filipino meal could ever be complete without rice?  Try their Yang chow fried rice, another one of their specialties.

Yang chow fried rice (Php175)

Classic Savory brings out such find childhood memories.  I'm hoping to pass it on to the Little One, as well.  J


For more information, please visit The Original Savory Restaurant facebook page.


  1. I love Savory's chicken -- the ones bought as whole.. :) But I don't like the chicken in their combo platters, the meat is a little dry.. >.<

  2. Classic Savory isn't the same Savory you think you've had back in your childhood. You're probably talking about The Original Savory (the low profile but quality one) that has been around since the 50's. That is what our moms used to bring home to us, that's the one that they have fond memories of, that's the one that has the ORIGINAL Savory Chicken taste they've always had, not the Classic Savory that has been around for just 4-5 years. Didn't know this until I booked my late mother's birthday there - commercial service, mediocre taste and clearly not the one we know of from our childhood. They may be aggressive now yes, but in the end the truth will prevail.

  3. @Sumi Go: Agree! =)

    @Anonymous: Really? Was it bought by a new company and not handled by the same family anymore?

    @michymichymoo: Kakamiss nga noh? =)


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